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10 Healthy Beliefs for Retirement Planning

1. Look at retirement as a new opportunity for you and your family by retiring to something versus retiring from something.

2. Set your retirement financial goals around good, better and best for maximum flexibility.

3. Work hard to find your financial blind spots, your financial errors and your financial omissions to discover your alternatives.

4. Match your financial goals to short term (5 years or less), medium term (5-10 years) and long term (10+ years) time frames.

5. Turn off the media and all of the noise that goes with it.

6. Work with an advisor and their team that specializes in all aspects of retirement planning.

7. Recognize your biggest risk as outliving your assets… living too long.

8. Know your monthly financial need for retirement years in advance and work hard to adhere to it. Have no debt (consumer, car, home etc.) as well as save and invest monthly to produce additional value.

9. Provide financial confidence for your spouse when partner passes away or becomes incapacitated.

10. Know your healthcare and prescription alternatives.